What We Do

PASLA was incorporated in Hong Kong in 1995, and is an association of firms that are active in the business of borrowing and/or lending securities of Asian markets.

At present, PASLA has over 50 member firms made up of Borrowers, Lenders, Beneficial Owners, Hedge Funds, Exchanges, Technology Providers and others.  Members are domiciled across multiple continents and consist of both “international” firms, which are active in several markets, and “local” firms which are primarily active in their home market.

Securities borrowing and lending is a very competitive business. While individual firms involved in the business may have their own unique marketing and business development strategies in Asia, the member firms believe that PASLA, as a collective group of major firms in the industry, provides an important benefit to Asian securities regulators, stock exchanges, and monetary authorities by providing an "industry consensus" on issues that affect the development of the securities lending business.

PASLA wishes to offer its assistance in the further development of the securities lending business. Our feedback from regulators and exchange officials that PASLA has worked with to-date has been very positive and they have appreciated the ability to work with PASLA as an efficient means of liaising with the industry.

PASLA's aims are to:

  • To represent the common interests of institutions engaged in the lending or borrowing of securities in the Asian and International securities lending markets.
  • Assist in the orderly, efficient and competitive development of these markets.
  • Establish agreed global standards and good working practices taking into account local regulations.
  • Liaise with Regulators and other organisations to promote and develop appropriate regulatory frameworks for the industry.

PASLA Executive Committee meets as and when required, the meetings are open to the General Membership. Meetings are held in Hong Kong and members from other countries can be conferenced in upon request.

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