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Thank you for your interest in PASLA. Membership of PASLA is available for all companies that are actively engaged in securities lending, borrowing, or repo in the Asian markets or are working to develop these capabilities.

3 steps to apply for membership


Click here to download/open the Application Form. Complete the form by entering your information on the screen, print it off and sign it.

Who Should Sign?

Click here to download/open the Member Appointment Form. Complete the form then print it off on your company-headed paper and sign it. Then send both forms to PASLA.

Where to Send the Forms?

Once your membership has been accepted by PASLA, please make the necessary payment to complete the membership process.

How to Pay

Responsibilities of Membership in PASLA
It is important to note that since PASLA is a registered company in Hong Kong, membership carries responsibilities under the Memorandum and Articles of Association of PASLA and under Hong Kong law. As such, it is important to follow the authorized signatory process described above. Additionally, the experience of the acting PASLA membership is that they have undergone an evaluation process to determine what entity (the "Company") of their organization is to be the PASLA member.

PASLA Memorandum and Articles of Association
Click here to view our Memorandum and Articles of Association

PASLA meeting schedule
PASLA meetings, which are open to all members, are generally held on a quarterly basis.

Please contact us with any questions regarding the membership application materials or process.

We look forward to receiving your membership application!

Please be aware that PASLA follows strict data privacy policies and we will limit the collection and use of personal information to what is necessary to administer the Association and to provide you with the highest quality service.