Executive Committee

The Executive Committee is elected by the General Membership of PASLA during the annual general meeting, usually held in March at the annual conference. If you wish to nominate yourself for a position at the next elections please complete the attached.

Committee members are responsible for selecting individuals from the general membership to handle the committee's various projects and programs.

PASLA Office Holders

Bank of New York Mellon

Paul Solway
Communications Officer

State Street Bank and Trust Company

Jason Wells

Societe General

Sylvain Nicolay

Merrill Lynch (Asia Pacific)Ltd

Justin Weegenaar

PASLA Executive Committee Members

ABN AMRO Clearing

Valerie Rossi

Brown Brothers Harriman

Zubair Nizami


Ed Oliver


Alex Prince

JP Morgan Securities (Asia Pacific)

Andre Whye

JP Morgan Chase Bank

Bhavna Haswani

Northern Trust

Jeff Coyle


Emiko Ida

BNP Paribas

Allison Ching

Goldman Sachs

Tomas Safstrand

Citibank NA

Karim Chabane

Morgan Stanley

Poya Agha-Bozorgi